where is my country ?

sometime in the last ten years or so i seem to have mislaid my america.

where we went wrong i have some small ideas and opinions about but since i am semiretired i spend a lot of time on facebook and various other blogs reading and posting and thinking about why we are living the lives we are here in 2014 under the leadership or rather the lack thereof of mr obamma, whom you will never see referred to as president in this blog. not that i have any thing bad to say about him as a person or a kenyan or even as a afro-american. what he is not an or so it seems to me at least, is a supporter of the american ideals we used to have. while he speaks and projects a rather remarkable line he has yet to actualize any of it as he has promised in his campaign speeches. yes i can hear the demotards that elected him twic on the strength of his racial ticket and the promises he so freely made and so freely dismissed as well screaming in outrage. the problem is that when you talk to most of them they dont know the issues have rarely any idea who the democratic party is or have much of an idea of what they have or not have accomplished in the last 7 years,other than to make america a “better” place.

the case for obammas coup on america

is there any truth to the rumor that the children illegally crossing the border are really just cover for the muslim shock troops that obamma is covertly bringing into american??? then training and equipping at the fema camps with all the arms and ammo the feds have been buying because he knows that loyal american troops would rebel against any order to fire on american civilians!!! why do you think the military bases are not being allowed to carry arms on base?? so when obamma gives the word the islamic shock troops can swarm the bases kill our troops and then take over all the equipment and nukes to use against us.


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